Becky’s Wedding

She was a great model on that day that we went shooting her bridal pics. We took, well I lost count maybe 800 or more images. It was a very rewarding experience, both for her and for myself. Not only did we worked great together but she has a very elegant face. I love the photographer and bride relationship; it is more than just getting a product done, is about, for what many feel one of the most important days in a womans life.
She is not just a model this is totally for her, just her the camera and the vision of the one behind the camera trying to work everything to bring all the beauty possible out of her. I truly believe she had a wonderful time even though we went to two locations and spent about 8 hrs in the shoot.

It is all for the bride, my time, the equipment, the vision. It is all for the bride no one else.


2 thoughts on “Becky’s Wedding

  1. What a day that was!! Non stop shooting until almost sunset.

  2. I can tell by your pictures that you take pride in your work. Great Pictures!!!

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