One Full Glass: Mason Jar Photography

After reading Jonas Peterson’s Mason Jar Manifesto I got inspired to shoot some of the objects that surround me. Even though he is dealing with pulling back the layers of what Weddings and Wedding Photography should be it still touched something in me. Ironically the first thing that I pointed the lens of may camera was to a mason jar.

These jars have been kind of adopted into my family. While before we always seem to have a fight trying to keep full sets of those glasses that you buy in boxes, these are multiplying. Their soft, warm feel in ones hand and lips feel comfortable and natural. Their original design might have not been as objects of beauty or elegance but to us they are part of the family.

There is no demand from them to be cared for, no delicacy that we must be aware of. They are like stray dogs thankful that they have had a second chance and thankful that some one simply cares. They are not just simply objects in a “different” type of wedding where the decor tries to send a message of down to earth people. Where the groom must wear converse sneakers to look cool, no these are the real thing objects that were on their way  to the trash without any further use. They where not created to be simply a display item, a “detail” in a wedding no on the contrary they are real working objects like working dogs not to be pampered but to be used and abused. They are simply thankful mutts.

Wedding and Family Photography in Miami by Jorge R Gonzalez