Alexa Ranking 727,861 World Wide

It seems that only yesterday, November 1st to be exact, the ranking of my blog on was at 25,975,500. And here we are today one day before the end of 2011 and the ranking as gone up to 727,861. A lot of hard work and many comments have been the source of such a success.

Some would say that Alexa ranking is not that important while others would argue the contrary, truthfully is only a measuring stick, but is a constant non variable measuring device. Webpage and blog ranking be it on Alexa or Google help to support and encourage the posting of informative articles and images. The ranking is a reflection of daily visitor activity and that is where the encouragement part comes in. It is a great feeling to see one’s ranking climb on what is mostly a one way street. On a blog you get many more visitors than actually leave comments behind, that can  be a bit frustrating because you feel that your words and your images are simply vanishing into thin air.

So today I mark a bit of a milestone having had this blog going for less than a year I feel happy that I’m coming into 2012 with a fresh, positive outlook and some exciting numbers. Now the goal for the coming year is my Google ranking.

Happy New Year to all.


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