A Beautiful Day, A Blessed Life.

A Beautiful Day, A Blessed Life.

Just read a bit about the photographer Jen Burgess Thompson [here is link to her blog] and her battle with cancer. It touched my heart to read her story and view the images of her fight and her beautiful family. It was sad to read that she didn’t make it to the end. Sadder still that she will not see her boys become men. She will miss so much, the grand kids, the hugs, the kisses and the beautiful days to come. Her family will also miss her. She is in the hands of a merciful God right now even though we might question his will in all of this in but everything does work out for those that love the Lord. She is in  a better place now. God will strengthen, God will light the way. Take sometime and follow the link and read the life of a beautiful human being.

I guess this is a follow up post to Stopping Life: Images of my world. We need to stop and truly appreciate every single minute given to us by the Lord. As it was preached last night in our Youth Service we have very little time, life is but a vapor. It is difficult if not impossible to grasp or hold a vapor. Sure we can bottle it up but it will have chemical changes it will not be the same, besides life is meant to be lived not just contemplate or meditate on. I have an issue with religious movements that just want to sit and meditate while life passes them by. The orders have not changed we are still supposed to be dressing the garden, living life to the fullest, making a difference in the world that surrounds us. Every day needs to be lived like it might be your last, every day is a beautiful day no matter what might be surrounding you.

Below just a few images from my world hope you enjoy and leave a comment.

And to you Jen, I thank you.





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