Kelly and Brent, Destination Wedding: Islamorada Key

When Kelly first contacted me over a year ago from China about her Destination Wedding in the Florida Keys at first I was a bit surprised and hesitant. Usually when someone contacts you from another country like Nigeria the first thing that we think of is scam!! But that was not the case, as we continued to email back and forth she told me of her plans to marry the dream of her life which she actually met in China.

A few months after our initial contact we met while she came to the South Florida area to look at the different venues available for her beautiful Destination Wedding in a tropical setting like only the Florida Keys can offer. On a side note on a that meeting I noticed how organized she was with all her tabs placed in her three ring binder, it was perfect with the details. She had done her trial make up session and I took a few test shots outside of Starbucks, which I never showed her because my camera lens has actually fogged up from the difference in humidity and temperature. Not a good start for me!!

During the months leading to her beautiful wedding I kept in touch with her as she made her final decision on the venue. She decided on Coconut Cove Resort in Islamorada (spanish for purple island) even though the hard head locals pronounce it aisle-a-more-AH-dah It is still Isla Morada I’s an inside joke since I know a few of those hard headed locals 😉

The Resort is owned and run by Paul and Magda Bates a beautiful couple with a great family and a great crew that never stopped working all the time that we were there. They provided the accommodations, rehearsal dinner, decorations, ceremony, reception dinner and even the grand finale of the first dance: Fireworks!!

I prepared a small preview of the many images of the two day event that my beautiful wife and I captured. Yes she went along and she was a tremendous help. I think she might becoming part of my crew 😉

Here is the short preview in video form showing the stunning sunrise and more important a very loving and beautiful couple: