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Maternity Photography Give Away

A few weeks ago my wife came to me with the idea of doing a maternity photography give away at a baby shower she was hosting at a obstetricians office in the city of Homestead. The doctor works out of Baptist Homestead Hospital, where my wife as a social worker is a liaison between the hospital and Healthy Start. Giving to others in need as always been something that I’m eager to do, so I jumped right away at the idea and made plans with her for the drawing. We had an enlargement made to show the winner what her portrait would look like and placed it on a table top easel on the day of the baby shower.

So the day arrived and the baby shower went well from what my wife tells me with a great number of attendees. A winner was selected and a few days later I made contact with her and planned the maternity photo shoot. We decided to go Homestead Bayfront Park to take the photographs. The situation that most photographers encounter with outdoor photography is the lack control that we have with the weather, and this past saturday afternoon was no exception to that. Through out the day there was a strong wind coming from the southeast and clouds were covering most of the county. Nasty, nasty weather for outside portraits. But schedules get really complicated and when you book a session you sometimes have to go with what is thrown at you. To add to the pot we got to the park not knowing that they closed early 5:30 pm to be exact and we were informed by a very friendly staff (I’m being sarcastic about that they were actually quite harsh for been government employees). So I had 28 minutes to do a shoot before we would have been escorted out of the park by possibly the city of homestead swat team, if they have one I don’t know. Any ways I shoot fast, real fast and I got enough of the images that would give the young woman enough choices for her 11 x 14 enlargement.

When I first met Audranay the first thing that got my attention was of course the tattoos she had on her upper torso Live Laugh Love. Then as I started to capture her portrait I notice her beautiful eyes and smile. I commented to my wife how beautiful she was and that I wish more time had been available to capture more images. Maybe we will do a few when the baby arrives.

I selected a few of my favorites to showcase on this post I hope I did justice to her wonderful smile.

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